2017 Nov21

In February 2016, TERMA released a new line of V-shaped capacitors, which included 48 models with fans of 800 and 910 millimeters.

TERMA has developed a wide range of V-shaped capacitors that meet all requirements. We can produce capacitors with two rows of fans, in each of which can be installed from 2 to 12 fans. A wide selection of fans allows you to meet high noise requirements.

Condensers are used in such industries as energy, metallurgy, petrochemistry and many others. In addition to various industries, V-shaped capacitors are effectively used in air conditioning systems in supermarkets and large stores.

On the basis of V-shaped capacitors, liquid coolers such as drycoolers or dry cooling towers are manufactured. Dryers are designed to cool the coolant, which removes excess heat energy from various types of technological systems. Cooling of the coolant takes place with the help of axial fans, which pump air from the environment. Due to the fact that the coolant circulates through a closed circuit, it does not evaporate. The refrigerant is water or a mixture of water and ethylene / propylene glycol, depending on the ambient temperature. The company TERMA offers a wide range of coolers and can make the product for any specific requirements of the customer.

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2017 Oct30

TERMA took part

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2017 Oct30

Company TERMA

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2017 Oct30

took part in the exhibition “Agroprodmash” 2015

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